Mar 13, 2011

Victories throughout the Upper West Side

Victory for Tomo Sushi workers:
In 2009, workers sued Tomo Sushi and owner Tsu Yue Wang for failing to pay minimum wage and overtime. Tsu Yue Wang is the owner of Ollies’ Noodle Shop & Grille, Vine Sushi and many other businesses in the Upper West Side. Even after the multi-millionaire businessman tried to evade the law by closing down Tomo Sushi and transferring the business to Vine Sushi, and even after he filed for bankruptcy, the workers of Tomo Sushi still won a significant settlement reclaiming their unpaid minimum and overtime wages. A message to other business owners: Learn from Tsu Yue Wang. If you change your company’s name; close shop, or file for bankruptcy, you still cannot escape the law when workers organize.

Workers from the following businesses have also won backwages for the owners’ failure to pay minimum and overtime wages: 
CafĂ© con Leche, Kim’s Fruits & Vegetables, Artie’s Deli, Cottage Restaurant, Ollies’ Noodle Shop & Grille and Flor De Mayo.

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